FAQs 1. What interface is used to communicate with the scanner? 2. Is maintenance required? 3. What is the part warranty for the book2net equipment? 4. What is the advantage in using a linear sensor? 5. Where do I get service? 6. Is a PC delivered with the unit? 7. Is the unit transportable 1. We are using the standard USB 2.0 interface to communicate with the scanner which guarantees us a high and constant data transfer rate. 2. Our scanners are designed in such a way that service should  not be necessary during the warranty period of three years in single shift   operation.   3. Our partner book2net will ensure the part supply for 5 years after the unit has been delivered by the manufacturer. 4. There are several positive aspects that come along with the line sensor: Line sensors covered by industrial standards are much more cost effective The long term part supply is ensured The resolution is much higher. If you compare a 7500 pixel line sensor with an 8M pixel chip the actual numbers for an A2 size document are: Line sensor 80 million pixels per channel means 240 million total Camera chip 2, 6 million pixels per channel means 8 million total Therefore it is important to verify the method of counting the pixels, while cameras count all pixels for all channels and line sensors only specify the number per channel. Taking this into consideration you might have an idea about the big gap concerning resolution between these two approaches. 5. For technical questions or if you like to call for service for your book2net book scanner please visit and enter the support zone. There you will find a link to the book2net  service request form. Now you just have to fill in the form with as many information as possible and we will follow-up your request with a feedback shortly. 6. We optionally provide a PC for the book scanner. As a matter of course national distinctions as keyboard, special characters etc. will be considered. Due to the fact that book2net book scanners do not need a specially configured PC, alternatively any standard PC may be used with the device that runs with Microsoft Windows XP SP2 (32-bit) or Vista Home Premium / Business / Ultimate (32-bit) and provides the required system memory. 7. Due to the handy and light design of the scanner it is easy transportable. In combination with the reusable packaging and the optionally available carry handles this unit can easily be transported even with a regular station wagon to different locations.